How To Make A Big Paper Gift Box


How to Make a Big Paper Gift Box


Gift-giving is a wonderful way to express our love and appreciation for the special people in our lives. While the gift itself holds great importance, the way it is presented can add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Creating a big paper gift box not only adds a personal and unique element to the gift, but it also presents the recipient with a memorable unboxing experience. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of crafting a beautiful big paper gift box that will surely impress.

1. Gathering Supplies

Before starting on your big paper gift box journey, it is essential to gather all the necessary supplies. These include:

- Thick cardstock or poster board

- Ruler

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Craft knife

- Bone folder or a blunt-edged tool

- Double-sided tape or glue stick

- Decorative paper or gift wrapping paper

- Ribbon or embellishments for decoration

2. Measuring and Cutting

To begin constructing your big paper gift box, decide on the size you wish to make. Measure and mark the desired dimensions on the cardstock or poster board using a ruler and pencil. Ensure to add extra measurements to account for the folds and flaps.

Using the measurements as a guide, carefully cut out the rectangular shape using scissors or a craft knife. Remember to employ a straight edge and to handle the craft knife cautiously to ensure precision and safety.

3. Folding the Box Base

With the rectangular shape cut out, it is time to create the basic structure of the gift box. Place the cardstock or poster board on a flat and clean surface, ensuring it is oriented in a landscape position. Using a ruler and bone folder or blunt-edged tool, score along the marked lines, applying gentle pressure to create crisp folds.

Fold up the sides of the rectangle and align the edges together, adhering them securely with double-sided tape or a glue stick. Continue by folding up the remaining flaps to form the box base. You can reinforce the corners and edges with extra strips of tape or glue for added stability.

4. Crafting the Box Lid

To complete your big paper gift box, it is vital to fashion a lid that will fit perfectly onto the box base. Follow the same measuring and cutting process as in Step 2, ensuring the lid dimensions are slightly larger than the base to provide a snug fit.

Next, score and fold along the marked lines, just as you did for the box base. Apply adhesive on the necessary flaps and carefully join them together to create the lid. You can further enhance the lid's appearance by attaching decorative paper or gift wrapping paper on the outer surface.

5. Decorating and Personalizing

Now that the structure of your big paper gift box is complete, it's time to add your personal touch. You can choose to decorate the box with beautiful patterned paper, stickers, or even hand-drawn designs. Select a theme or color scheme that complements the occasion or the recipient's taste.

If desired, you can further embellish the gift box with ribbons, bows, or tags. These additional adornments will make the box even more aesthetically pleasing and heighten the excitement of unwrapping the gift.


Presenting a gift in a big paper gift box conveys not only the sentiment behind the gift itself, but also the effort and thought you put into its presentation. Crafting your own personalized gift box adds a unique touch and allows you to tailor it precisely to your recipient's preferences. So, the next time you have a special occasion or celebration, follow the steps outlined in this article, and create a memorable unboxing experience with a big paper gift box.


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