How To Make A Paper Recycled Gift Box



Recycling has become an increasingly important practice in today's world as we strive to be more environmentally conscious. There are numerous ways to contribute to this cause, and one creative and fun approach is to make your own recycled paper gift box. Not only will you be reusing materials, but you'll also have the perfect personalized packaging for special occasions. In this article, we will guide you through the process of making a unique and eco-friendly gift box using recycled paper.

[Gathering Your Materials]

Before diving into the crafting process, let's gather the necessary materials. You'll need:

1. Recycled paper: Gather old magazines, newspapers, or any unused paper you can find. Be sure to remove any staples or paper clips.

2. Scissors: A pair of sturdy scissors will come in handy for cutting the paper into the desired shapes and sizes.

3. Ruler: Keeping a ruler nearby will help you create precise folds and measurements.

4. Pencil: A pencil will be useful for marking where you need to make your cuts and folds on the paper.

5. Glue or tape: Depending on your preference, either glue or tape can be used to secure your gift box.

[Preparing the Paper]

To begin, choose the recycled paper you want to work with. You can mix and match different types and colors of paper to add variety to your gift box. Once you have selected your paper, it's time to prepare it for construction.

1. Flatten the paper: If your paper has folds or creases, use a flat surface and your hands to smooth it out. This will make it easier to work with and create clean folds later on.

2. Cut your paper: Decide on the size and shape of the gift box you want to make. Using a ruler and pencil, mark the dimensions on the paper, and carefully cut it out.

[Folding and Assembling]

Now that your paper is prepared, it's time to start folding and assembling your gift box. Follow these steps:

1. Fold the edges: Take your cut-out paper and fold each side inward. Use a ruler to create crisp and even creases. These folds will form the sides of your gift box.

2. Create flaps: On one side of the paper, mark a small margin and cut out squares from the corners. These flaps will allow you to fold and secure the top of the box.

3. Fold the flaps: Fold the remaining sides inward, creating flaps that will be secured to form the box's lid.

4. Secure the flaps: Apply glue or use tape to attach the flaps to the adjacent sides, forming the lid of your gift box.

[Personalizing and Decorating]

Now that your basic gift box is complete, it's time to add a personal touch and decorate it according to the occasion.

1. Customizing with ribbons and bows: Use colorful ribbons, strings, or twine to tie around your gift box, creating an elegant and festive look.

2. Adding embellishments: Consider adding paper flowers, stickers, or cut-outs from magazines to decorate the sides of your box.

3. Hand-drawn designs or messages: Get creative and personalize your gift box by drawing or writing heartfelt messages directly on the recycled paper.


Creating a recycled paper gift box not only promotes sustainable living but also allows you to showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness. By repurposing materials, you can create unique gift packaging that is both environmentally friendly and visually appealing. So, why not give it a try? Start gathering your old paper, grab your scissors, and create a beautiful, recycled masterpiece to impress your loved ones on any special occasion.


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