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Why custom holiday gift box so popular?

May 25, 2023

There are few times in this world that workers are more excited about than the holidays. With the advent of various festivals, people's spirits are no longer involved in high-density and intense work, and the body can also obtain rare relaxation at this time. In fact, holidays can bring you not only relaxation, but also a warm moment of short-term reunion with relatives and friends, and sharing the happiness brought by various delicacies.

Reuniting with relatives and friends is a way that most people choose to celebrate the festival. At the time of reunion, we will prepare suitable holiday gift boxes to express the holiday heart.When you walking into a shopping mall and a supermarket, we can see that the shelves are full of holiday gift boxes. In detail, the designs of these holiday gift boxes are all different, and most of the ones we can choose are personalized gift boxes printed with their personal brand logo. In fact, these gift boxes are custom-designed holiday gift boxes, so why are customized holiday gift boxes so popular?

Three reasons why custom holiday gift boxes are popular in the market.

1. Personalized design, extraordinary significance

Choosing a custom holiday gift box means choosing a custom designed gift box. In the design of the gift box, you can integrate the logo image of the brand and the implication of the festival to design a gift box that can highlight the brand characteristics without losing the festive atmosphere.

For example, for large-scale festivals like Christmas, we can incorporate Santa Claus, snowflakes and other elements into the design of the gift box, choose a suitable position to print the logo on the gift box, and use advanced printing art to light up and enhance your gift box Brand.When the holidays are approaching, choosing such a personalized Christmas holiday gift box is of great significance for the relationship between the gift giver and the gift recipient.

This is a cartoon gift box full of Christmas-themed elements. The double-door design of the gift box gives people a sense of luxury and fashion. The exquisite gold-plated letter ribbon connects the two doors of the gift box to maintain the stability of transportation. The biggest advantage of choosing this gift box as a holiday custom gift box is that you can print your logo and patterns with your brand culture according to your own needs, bringing people a different Christmas consumption experience


2. Highlight brand value and gain incremental opportunities

Customized personalized holiday gift boxes have a very positive significance for brand marketing. This is the reason why we can see countless brand custom gift boxes appearing in the market. Customized holiday gift boxes are suitable for various brands and groups of people, such as corporate holiday gift boxes, employee holiday gift boxes, customer holiday gift boxes, etc.

What brands need to think about when customizing holiday gift boxes is the target group you are facing and the added value it can bring, that is to say, your customized holiday gift box needs to get rid of the conventional design of the market. When customizing a holiday gift box, you must consider the recipients of the gift box. For example, your gift box is aimed at mid-to-high-end corporate customers and consumers. This type of people attaches great importance to the details and quality of the gift box they receive. Content to determine future social opportunities.

Therefore, when choosing to customize this kind of holiday gift box, we need to find professional designers to carry out targeted and creative niche designs, customize and produce gift boxes that can highlight your brand value, and provide high-quality creative festivals for corporate customers Gift boxes, get more incremental opportunities from their marketing.

Universal holiday gift box
There is no logo printing, which can better meet the needs of the public and low-consumption groups
Customized holiday gift box
The Valentine's Day gift box customized by YSL brand is printed with the English letter pattern of the brand logo on the ribbon and the box, which brings surprises to people and deepens the impression of brand consumption.

3. Pass on social media and gain word-of-mouth effect

This is an era of rapid development of social media. No matter adults or children, they all like to post videos or share pictures on Facebook, Tictok, Instagram, YouTube and other social media. Sometimes an inadvertent sharing can get many people's likes, recognition and followers. Sharing will be an important way for your customized holiday gift box to spread rapidly.

Customized and personalized holiday gift box packaging can not only bring people extraordinary unpacking surprises, but also make the recipient feel full of the gift giver's heart, and because of the customized holiday gift box, thanks to Internet celebrities, the sharing of amateurs can spread out. The exciting word-of-mouth effect increases the exposure and influence of the brand invisible to some extent.

In conclusion:

Sometimes holidays are the flavoring agent for people's tense life, and it provides a greater space for emotional exchanges between people. To celebrate the festival, we need gift boxes to adjust the atmosphere. Therefore, customized holiday gift boxes are more popular in the market. It is not only an important way to demonstrate brand value, but also an important tool for people to share the fun of unpacking.

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