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Understanding Jialan Package Factory's Customized Carton MOQ: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Jialan Package Factory's Customized Carton MOQ: A Comprehensive Guide

As a professional brand packaging purchaser, people are always comparing and looking for a paper box manufacturer with high cost performance and strong comprehensive strength.They hope they have scientific research capabilities, design capabilities, production capabilities and a complete after-sales service system.

However, the reality is not as beautiful as we imagined. When we select paper box suppliers, they are also screening customers. Regarding the screening step, Moq is a good qualitative standard. So, why are the Moqs of each paper box in Jialan Package factory different?  In this article, we delve into the MOQ standards set by Jialan Package Factory, shedding light on the minimum ordering requirements for various product models.

How to understanding minimum order quantity (MOQ):

MOQ, or Minimum Order Quantity, refers to the minimum number of units that a manufacturer is willing to produce in a single production run. It is a crucial factor for businesses planning to procure customized packaging solutions, as it directly impacts cost-effectiveness and production feasibility.

Jialan Package Factory recognizes the importance of MOQ in catering to the distinct needs of its clients while ensuring operational efficiency. Our MOQ standards are determined based on several factors, including material type, design complexity, and production processes.

Minimum Order Standards for Different Product Models:

Cardboard Boxes:

Standard Cardboard Boxes: The MOQ for standard cardboard boxes typically starts at 2000 pieces. These boxes are commonly used for general packaging purposes and are available in various sizes to accommodate diverse product dimensions.

Customized Cardboard Boxes: For tailored cardboard boxes with specific dimensions or printing requirements, the MOQ may vary. However, as a baseline, Jialan Package Factory sets the MOQ for customized cardboard boxes at 1000 pieces. This enables businesses to achieve branding objectives without compromising on quality or cost efficiency.   



Specialty Boxes:

Luxury Gift Boxes: Jialan Package Factory specializes in crafting exquisite luxury gift boxes tailored to elevate product presentation. Due to the intricate designs and premium materials involved, the MOQ for luxury gift boxes typically ranges from 500 to 1000 pieces, depending on the complexity of the design.

Display Boxes: Display boxes serve the dual purpose of showcasing products while providing protection during transit. The MOQ for display boxes starts at 1500 pieces, catering to businesses seeking impactful retail packaging solutions.


Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Kraft Paper Boxes: With the growing emphasis on sustainability, kraft paper boxes have gained popularity as eco-friendly packaging solutions. Jialan Package Factory offers customizable kraft paper boxes with a minimum order quantity of 1500 pieces, making them accessible to businesses committed to environmental stewardship.

Biodegradable Packaging: For businesses prioritizing environmental conservation, Jialan Package Factory provides biodegradable packaging options tailored to specific product requirements. The MOQ for biodegradable packaging varies depending on the product specifications and material composition.


Factors Influencing MOQ Standards:

Design Complexity:

Intricate designs or elaborate printing requirements may necessitate higher MOQ standards to justify the setup costs and ensure production feasibility.

Material Type:

The type of material used in packaging construction influences MOQ standards, with premium materials often requiring higher minimum orders to optimize production efficiency.

Production Processes:

Certain production processes, such as die-cutting or embossing, may incur additional setup costs, impacting MOQ requirements accordingly.


In conclusion, Jialan Package Factory sets stringent yet flexible MOQ standards to accommodate the diverse needs of its clientele while maintaining operational efficiency. By understanding the minimum order requirements for different product models, businesses can make informed decisions when procuring customized carton solutions. Whether it's standard cardboard boxes, luxury gift packaging, or eco-friendly alternatives, Jialan Package Factory remains committed to delivering quality and innovation in every order.

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