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  • Jialan - Custom LCD Video Gift Box With 7-inch Screen Manufacturer
    Jialan - Custom LCD Video Gift Box With 7-inch Screen Manufacturer
    This is a black LCD video gift box with flip magnet design. We designed a hidden charging plug interface on the edge of the cover. Whether it is opened or closed, it will not affect its overall aesthetics. When in use, import the video to be played into the memory card, touch the screen to play, and then you can see the content you need to promote. For businesses, these interactive gift boxes offer an incredible opportunity to showcase new products, promote brand awareness, or even share exclusive content directly with customers in an engaging manner. With this seamless integration of technology into traditional packaging, you can elevate any occasion – be it birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events - into something truly extraordinary through the mesmerizing magic of a gift box with LCD screen.
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