Wedding Gift Box
  • Product Details

This is a delicate and beautiful square velvet paper gift box made of cardboard material. The surface of the gift box is covered with soft and delicate velvet material, and a three-dimensional circular texture pattern is printed with a concave-convex process, bringing people a classic and elegant appearance visual experience.

Jialan Package has been specialized in custom-made paper gift packaging of various materials and crafts for 15 years. We can develop one-stop OEM/ODM solutions for customers engaged in the wedding industry, gift industry, and high-end cosmetics industry around the world.


  • Product Name
    Square velvet paper gift box
  • Material
    Velvet + 120g texture paper + 2000g gray cardboard
  • Handle
    Llether handle
  • Printing Art
    Embossing process
  • Size

  • Gross weight
    Small : 14.86kg/ctn,      Medium: 10.64kg/ctn, 
  • Carton Measurement
     Small : 55x51x55cm     Medium: 49x55x49cm   
  • Way of packing
    Small: 150 pcs/carton box    Medium: 45 pcs/carton box   
  • 20GP container Qty
    Small : 14.86kg/ctn,      Medium: 10.64kg/ctn, 

In the production, Jialan Package paid great attention to details and material selection. We carefully selected short plush with delicate texture for the flannel on the surface, and high-weight cardboard material inside to maintain the stability of the box.

During the design process of this gift box, in order to enhance its high-end visual sense, the designer specially chose high-grade silver cardboard for secondary combination at the bottom, which not only provides convenience for the opening and closing of the gift box, but also further enhances the The luxury of a gift box.

01.Top and bottom box design,different unboxing experience

This square velvet gift box is composed of two independent structures top and bottom. The top is designed and produced according to the conventional square box, and the bottom is designed with a special trapezoidal shape, which gives us a new visual experience and creates more opportunities for opening the box. 

The moment of surprise, we use it to heighten the excitement of opening the gift for the recipient!

02.Premium flocking surface, high-end and luxurious appearance

Premium velvet surfaces are often sought after by consumers of high-end gift packaging, luxury display and premium retail packaging brands. It creates a visually and tactilely pleasing experience that makes the recipient feel like they are receiving something truly special and of exceptional quality.

In order to enhance the luxury of this paper gift box, Jialan package carefully selected high-quality flocking materials to cover the surface of the gift box during the design and production process. The flocking gift boxes made of different colors bring people a richer visual and tactile experience.

03.Leather rivet handle, beautiful and portable

To enhance the unique visual appearance of this velvet gift box and reduce the risk of damage in transit. We add a layer of trapezoidal cardboard box on the basis of the original velvet bottom box. The two sides of the cardboard box are covered by gold cardboard and red face paper respectively. The red covered part is used as the inside of the box, and the surface of the gold cardboard is used as the outside of the box. .

This design of the gift box not only creates a perfect appearance experience for opening the box, but also provides extra protection and stability for the packaging and transportation of the gift.

04.Embossed three-dimensional pattern and embossed letter printing

At a close distance, we can intuitively see the embossed printing process of this paper gift box. The velvet part of the top and bottom box is a circle of semicircular printing patterns, and the inner gold cardboard is embossed to show "Love&Forever" Wishes in English letters, combining Top and bottom into a perfect creative gift box.

If you need to transform this box into a personalized gift box with your brand identity. Then, we suggest that you can do it on the printed pattern and letters of the paper box, and it would be a great idea to replace "Love&Forever" with your brand name.

05.Leather rivet handle, beautiful and firm

In the design of this fleece paper gift box, we specially selected high-quality leather materials. For this reason, the top box and the bottom box are connected by metal rivets, which enhances the high-end appearance of the box and provides more convenience for carrying.


Two sizes, can be packaged for gift according to size needs

The best paper gift boxes for small gifts like candies, chocolates...


Champagne Velvet Gift Box

Hermes orange velvet gift box

Dark  Green Velvet Gift Box

We can deliver spot goods or custom design and produce personalized gift boxes with your brand logo according to your order requirements.

Description of order type:

1. Delivery for spot orders:

The minimum order quantity can reach 1000pcs and can be shipped. Mixed batches can be carried out when the stock is sufficient. We do not limit the size and the quantity of colors to order.

2. Customized order delivery requirements:

Free design can be provided if the minimum order quantity reaches 1000pcs per size. Regarding the selection of gift box materials, logo printing process, handles or exquisite ribbon accessories, you need to confirm with the sales staff.

About transportation:

·Appointed freight forwarder

We can provide designated freight forwarders for consignment, customs declaration and customs clearance.

· No designated freight forwarder

The company has a large number of freight forwarding resources, which can help coordinate and solve the problems of consignment, customs declaration and customs clearance.

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