Jialan Package: Selected Mid-Autumn Gift Boxes to Elevate the Gift Giving Tradition

August 19, 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a treasured cultural celebration deeply rooted in East Asian traditions. It comes from the beautiful fairy tale "Chang'e Flies to the Moon". Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival for reuniting with loved ones, expressing gratitude and sharing happy moments. People will carefully prepare moon cake gift boxes, fruit gift baskets, nutrition gifts, etc. to give to relatives and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival to reflect the emotions of unity and prosperity.

Among the countless choices, Jialan Packaging has become the direct supplier of these four most popular Mid-Autumn Festival gift box packaging. We have custom-designed personalized gift boxes, which achieve the best display effect in the careful planning of designers and customized demands of customers, so as to reflect the reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the essence of a happy and precious festival, and naturally achieve a deep-rooted brand consumption impression .

Creative Mooncake Gift Box - Brighten up Tradition:

The Jialan moon cake gift box series adheres to the long tradition of giving moon cakes. Symbolizing unity and the radiance of the full moon, these delicate round pastries sit elegantly within intricately designed boxes. Blending classic motifs with a modern aesthetic, these boxes not only hold moon cakes, but also the stories and traditions that make Mid-Autumn Festival special. Opening the box reveals an array of delicious treats, a nod to holiday traditions and a true treat for the senses.

Retro Architecture Design Fashionable Metal Portable Mooncake Gift Box

This mooncake box draws inspiration from the graceful lines and intricate patterns of vintage architecture. The surface of the gift box displays intricate metalwork, reminiscent of ornate facades, and one cannot help but glimpse the glory of a bygone era.

This mooncake gift box is both beautiful and practical. The compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability. It is the perfect companion for giving mooncakes out.

Outer box size: 37*15*14cm, double-layer design, eight capsules

Inner box size: 8*8*4.5cm, can hold 50-100g mooncakes.


Tea Gift Box - Deep Reunion:

The Jialan tea gift box collection brings harmony and serenity into gift giving. Crafted with care, these boxes embody festive elegance. The act of sharing tea during Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes unity, making these gift boxes a meaningful gesture. In it you'll find a wide range of premium tea blends, carefully selected to create an extraordinary sensory experience. The accompanying teacup further enhances the occasion, creating a symphony of flavors that resonates with the holiday spirit.


Double-layer Design Tea Gift Box Red Wine Gift Box

A mid-autumn gift packaging solution that combines versatility and sophistication, this gift box has been crafted to feature two separate compartments, one for a rich, premium tea and the other One is used to hold exquisite red wine, which can freely satisfy the taste buds of the recipient and bring a tailor-made gift receiving experience for the recipient.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, when relatives and friends are reunited, people need such a tea and wine gift box to mobilize the festive atmosphere. Mooncakes and tea, mooncakes and wine are all must-have artifacts for Mid-Autumn Festival entertainment!

Nutritional gift box of health care products - nourishing health:

Jialan's line of nutritious gift boxes is a testament to the ever-evolving tradition of gift-giving. In an age where health is paramount, these boxes offer a unique and thoughtful approach. Show your gratitude to loved ones by gifting them a selection of wellness products curated to promote vitality and nourishment. This gift box embodies a modern interpretation of holiday values, emphasizing the importance of overall well being.

Mid-Autumn Festival Special Customized Nutritional Gift Box

During the years of the epidemic, people deeply realized the importance of health. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, children hope to increase their lifespan by giving their parents some good nutritional supplements.

Jialan Package can customize Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes suitable for your brand image, sustainable development, safe and low-carbon nutrition packaging according to your needs, and help you build a wider brand consumption impression.

This personalized gift box set for the donkey-hide gelatin brand is selected in a dignified red color. There are two built-in boxes and the same shopping paper bag, which provides practicality and convenience for consumption and carrying.


Fruit Gift Box - Abundance and Prosperity:

For a timeless expression of prosperity, choose Jialan's collection of fruit gift boxes. Sending fruit during the Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes a good harvest and auspiciousness, so these boxes become a precious choice. The fruits in these gift boxes have been carefully selected to symbolize luck and prosperity to create a colorful mosaic of blessings. Packaged in woven baskets or elegant containers, they capture the essence of the holiday season and offer a glimpse into past traditions.


Mid-autumn Festival fruit gift basket

Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, fruit gift boxes are the main features of people's gifts. It is not only suitable for family members, but also suitable for corporate employees and business cooperation.

This is a color-printed corrugated box fruit basket with a transparent window design, we can mix and match fruits freely according to our needs. Of course, this kind of gift box is also the best-selling fresh fruit gift box packaging in fruit shops, and the sales on the Mid-Autumn Festival can even increase in a straight line!

If you need to order or customize such environmentally friendly and economical corrugated fruit gift box packaging,please contact us.

As a pioneer in creating meaningful gift-giving experiences, Jialan Package is an unrivaled source for the four best-selling gift boxes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. With a deep appreciation for tradition, an eye for contemporary aesthetics and an unwavering commitment to quality, Jialan Package ensures your act of kindness shines like the moon, adorning this special occasion. Choose the Jialan Package to elevate your gift giving and create connections and memories that will be cherished for years.

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