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Why choose Jialan as a paper packaging supplier in China?

Why choose Jialan as a paper packaging supplier in China?

Paper packaging is a necessary consumable in our life, and it is also the wisdom crystallization of human beings living in nature. With the advancement of modern society, people use modern technology to manufacture paper bags and cartons in various forms through continuous learning, which not only brings convenience to life, but also meets the needs of people's visual senses for modern art aesthetics.

Paper packaging is suitable for all walks of life, especially the hot express electronics industry, fast food takeaway restaurant industry, etc. As China is a major manufacturer and supplier of paper packaging in the world, our quality has always been loved by customers.

In China, there are countless suppliers of paper packaging production, with an annual export value of tens of billions, so why did we choose Jialan Package as a Chinese paper packaging supplier?

1. Factory Strength

We have a super large factory area of 7,000 square meters, and 300+ employees are working together. The founder of the company has always looked at the world from the perspective of development, serving customers with production capacity and quality. At present, we have reached a production volume of 8W+ per day, and have high-quality downstream paper raw material suppliers, which can ensure the quality of production while meeting the needs of customers for material selection.

2. Customized wholesale service

Customized service is the main feature of the development of Jialan Package, and wholesale is an auxiliary business to meet the ordering needs of small and medium-sized customers for spot store distribution. We can provide one-stop customized services for customers all over the world, from design-proofing-production-logistics-after-sales, closely interlocking communication, to ensure low production errors and high delivery timeliness.

3. Innovative solutions

Clients who work with Jialan know that we can keep abreast of market dynamics and understand consumer demand. We are well aware of customer needs, and are willing to provide them with more innovative and customized packaging solutions, to create a distinctive brand consumption impression and influence, and to help customers obtain the first development opportunities in the local market.

At present, our customers have been cooperating with more than 30 countries around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Italy, France, South Korea and so on.

If you want to know more about the cooperation with Jialan Package, please leave a message to contact us.

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