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The most fashionable packaging solution for the 2024 New Year:houndstooth cylindrical paper tube box

The year is divided into four seasons, ending with winter and beginning with spring. The arrival of the New Year means the revival of all things and new vitality. It is an important festival for people to celebrate. On the occasion of the New Year, we always want to pay tribute to our relatives and friends in a special way. Gifts have naturally become an important way to express feelings through exchanges during the New Year.

For different groups of people, we will choose different gift box packaging to enhance the level of gift giving. Brand owners will also take this opportunity to aggressively market and gain profits. This is an unusual cylindrical paper tube box. The designer uses fashionable houndstooth elements and metal chain handles to show an elegant and sophisticated fashion appearance.

Although this gift box is small, it is very practical. We can use it to hold mung bean cakes, candies, perfumes, skin care products, etc. Wrap an exquisite gift for your friends, lovers, and clients in the New Year!

The Feature of houndstooth cylindrical paper tube box

Classic Design: The houndstooth pattern is a timeless and classic design. This pattern, characterized by small, intricate checks, gives the packaging a refined and elegant appearance

Sturdy Construction: Cylindrical paper tube boxes are known for their sturdy construction, providing protection to the enclosed items. The houndstooth cylindrical box maintains this durability, ensuring that products are securely packaged during transit and on store shelves.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Many houndstooth cylindrical paper tube boxes are crafted from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper or cardboard. This eco-conscious feature aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging options.

Customization Options: we can often customize the size, color, and branding elements of the houndstooth cylindrical paper tube box to meet specific product and brand requirements.

Stylish metal chain handle, luxurious appearance and easy to carry

Metal chains are usually a high-end accessory used on women's bags. They provide convenience for carrying and increase the practical value of the product. This series of houndstooth designed gift boxes from Jialan Package are made of recyclable cardboard materials with a stable cylindrical structure. 

When using the box, we specially chose a metal chain handle to increase the texture. The overall gift box gives a fashionable luxury feel.

Adhesive gold leather logo enhances customization experience

Customized printing of logos is a quick way to achieve brand-recognizable packaging. Jialan Package, a cylindrical paper tube box with a houndstooth design, changed the previous printing process in the production of logos. 

We used an adhesive labeling method. ,bringing more customization possibilities to the use of this product.

Eco-friendly, economical and multifunctional paper tube gift box solution

Despite their lightweight nature, paper tube boxes offer a level of protection to the enclosed items. The cylindrical structure provides structural integrity, safeguarding the contents from external pressures and potential damage during transit. 

Paper tube boxes are often made from materials that can be easily recycled. This promotes a circular economy and reduces the environmental impact associated with packaging waste.


Red houndstooth paper tube gift box
Original color kraft paper tube gift box
Gray houndstooth paper tube gift box


1.Why do you need to reach 1000cs to customize? My business has just started, what should I do if I can't order so many?

First of all, 1000 pieces is our bottom line, we support 500 pieces of spot direct sales, I hope everyone can understand. Shipping is not cost-effective if your quantity is too small. We hope to maintain a long-term and friendly cooperative relationship with you. For factories, mass production can better ensure quality.

2.Can I customize a perfume box with my brand logo in the shape of this box?

Yes, you can, you can tell us your customized perfume box ideas, and provide relevant information such as size, color, logo, lining, we can provide you with the best perfume gift box sample plan according to this box type.

3.How can I know the price?

If you are ordering in bulk, we can obtain the most favorable price information for you in the fastest time.

If you are brand customization, we need to confirm the material, handle, accessories and other information with you before we can provide you with more accurate production quotation information.

4.I need to order two cabinets, when will it be delivered?

The delivery of the order depends on the final production time of the bulk, and our orders are generally produced and delivered within 15-45 days. If we both communicate and confirm the production, we will speed up the delivery of your order in the fastest time.

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