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Custom Packaging Box:Five economical and stylish box types you can consider

March 14, 2024

Foldable gift boxes are currently the most economical type in the carton market, and they are very popular among cross-border brands in the foreign trade industry. Many foreign customers want to showcase the charm of their own brand products through customized luxury gift boxes, but often due to cost pressure, they choose to use foldable cardboard gift box packaging. So, how much do you know about foldable gift boxes, and what box types can we consider in purchasing to enhance the performance of gift box packaging and the brand image?

In today’s article, Jialan Package will take you through five different types of foldable cardboard gift boxes. Let’s take a look at how to effectively use them to enhance the external performance of your products and show your brand’s consumer influence!


The first type: book-shaped foldable magnet box

The shape of the book-shaped foldable gift box is like the shape of a book, so it is called a book-shaped gift box. In addition to having the shape of a book, this gift box also has all the features of a foldable gift box. 

The designer cleverly maximized the cardboard material and used a creasing machine to accurately emboss the foldable effect. The perfect book-shaped gift box was completed with peelable strong glue.This book-shaped cardboard gift box is also a popular product packaging in the cosmetics, shoes and clothing industry. They often only need a simple printed logo and Pantone color overlay to show a unique brand image charm.

Second type: luxury portable folding gift box

The handle is an additional option in the design of the gift box. The designer hopes to use the design of the handle to show the gift box a more beautiful visual effect and provide convenience for traveling and giving gifts. However, some designers believe that the perfection of the gift box does not need to be reflected through the design of the handle. 

This foldable gift box is made of sturdy gray cardboard material, and the surface is covered with 157g coated paper, which is smooth and delicate to the touch. The design of this gift box specifically adds high-quality paper handles to enhance the sense of use. The overall design of the gift box is like a suitcase, giving people a portable and high-end visual experience.

The third type: Top and bottom shaped foldable gift boxes

This is a new type of foldable gift box that is different from the past. The gift box is composed of upper and lower parts and has a foldable shape. This top and bottom shaped foldable gift box does not require a magnet switch on the outside. The inside is fixed with strong glue and is stable. The bottom can be fully accommodated and folded at the top for transportation. 

The advantage of using this kind of Top and bottom shaped foldable gift boxes is that it meets the customization needs of different brand companies for Top and bottom box shapes, and also saves the transportation costs of cross-border transportation of non-foldable gift boxes.


The fourth type: Triangular foldable magnet gift box

A triangular foldable magnet gift box is a packaging solution designed to offer both functionality and aesthetics.The triangular shape gives the box a unique appearance compared to traditional square or rectangular boxes. It provides an interesting visual appeal and can stand out on shelves or when presented as a gift.


This is a triangular foldable magnet hard box made of high-quality gray cardboard material. We can use it to package clothing, skin care product sets, perfume and aromatherapy, mobile phones, etc.

The fifth type: One-piece fully foldable square magnet box

The magical thing about this box is that it can be folded at will like a Rubik's Cube. The gift box is made of high-quality gray cardboard and is cut into squares with the same size on all four sides. We can fold it into a small piece during transportation and fold it into a small piece when using it.

A complete cube gift box, the box seal is designed to be in the shape of a clamshell, and the built-in magnet attracts it to form a complete square gift box. This gift box is available in three regular sizes and can be adapted to the packaging of different products. If you need custom printing of your brand logo, we can also print a folding box with your brand influence for you.


Taken together, these five folding box types not only provide cost-effective packaging solutions, but also enhance brand presentation and consumer experience. Whether displaying products on shelves or impressing recipients with thoughtful gifts, these stylish options can satisfy countless branding needs. Boost your brand image with these affordable and chic collapsible gift boxes.

If you need to display the charm of your brand through custom printing boxes, but don't want to spend too much cost and energy. Then, we recommend that you choose the above five folding box types to create a personalized packaging box with brand influence. As a professional paper gift packaging manufacturer in China, Jialan Package has a professional sales team who can provide you with box types, processes and other aspects of production that match your products based on your design demands for customized packaging boxes guide.

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