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Luxurious Matt printed Wedding Gift Box,Redefining Elegance And Quality

In the wedding market, there are countless art gift boxes to choose from, such as high-end and elegant printed gift boxes, luxurious and romantic forest-style gift boxes, exquisite and compact French gift boxes, creative and changeable special-shaped gift boxes, etc. No matter how you choose, it is related to the hierarchical needs and preferences of different groups of people.

This is a fog-print wedding gift box designed for high-end people. The surface design of the gift box chooses popular printing elements in the market. The three colors of blue, champagne, and burgundy present a different visual experience. Three different box types The combination further adapts to consumption and gives the corresponding group of people more choices.

The features of this Matt printed Wedding Gift Box

Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from the finest materials available, this gift box exudes an aura of luxury from the moment it's held. Every component, from the sturdy base to the intricate lid, is meticulously selected to ensure durability and elegance.

Matte Finish: The matte finish of the gift box's surface lends it an understated yet captivating charm. Unlike glossy alternatives, the matte texture invites touch, creating an intimate connection with the recipient as they run their fingers over its velvety exterior.

Intricate Printing: Each gift box is adorned with meticulously printed designs, patterns, or personalized messages. Utilizing state-of-the-art printing techniques, every detail is rendered with precision and clarity, transforming the box into a work of art that speaks volumes about the sentiment behind the gift.


Luxurious metal handle, upgraded texture and visual high-end

The luxurious metal handle is an important symbol that enhances the elegant visuals, practicality and portability of this gift box. It elevates the aura of the entire gift box to a higher level. While exuding a gorgeous and exquisite atmosphere, it brings people a very amazing gift-receiving experience. 

It is a symbol of the status of people traveling in high-end occasions, and brings endless benefits to guests. A noble and luxurious visual experience.


Exquisite hot stamping printing technology highlights details and quality

The beauty of the details of the gift box is the perfect presentation of surface printing technology and color. 

This gift box incorporates exquisite hot stamping art into the printing design on the surface of the gift box, further demonstrating the sophistication of the gift box and giving people a simple and easy-to-understand luxurious visual experience. People can't help but admire its stunning artistic effect.

High-quality silk ribbon decoration, double the elegance

High-quality bow ribbons are the best decoration to highlight the sophistication of the gift box. This fog-print wedding gift box has specially added silk ribbons on the left and right sides that match its overall color.

It not only adds points to the overall visual appearance of the gift box, but also brings people The moment you open the gift, it delivers a different kind of unboxing surprise!


Three Color Can Choose

Champagne color mist print wedding gift box


Blue fog print wedding gift box


Burgundy Mist Print Wedding Gift Box



1.Why do you need to reach 1000cs to customize? My business has just started, what should I do if I can't order so many?

First of all, 1000 pieces is our bottom line, we support 500 pieces of spot direct sales, I hope everyone can understand. Shipping is not cost-effective if your quantity is too small. We hope to maintain a long-term and friendly cooperative relationship with you. For factories, mass production can better ensure quality.

2.Can I customize a perfume box with my brand logo in the shape of this box?

Yes, you can, you can tell us your customized perfume box ideas, and provide relevant information such as size, color, logo, lining, we can provide you with the best perfume gift box sample plan according to this box type.

3.How can I know the price?

If you are ordering in bulk, we can obtain the most favorable price information for you in the fastest time.

If you are brand customization, we need to confirm the material, handle, accessories and other information with you before we can provide you with more accurate production quotation information.

4.I need to order two cabinets, when will it be delivered?

The delivery of the order depends on the final production time of the bulk, and our orders are generally produced and delivered within 15-45 days. If we both communicate and confirm the production, we will speed up the delivery of your order in the fastest time.

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